• 1 Environmental Solutions in Fernie
    GreenCycle was created with the environment in mind. To find more about our green services and products
    click on the appropriate links above.
  • 2 Norwex Cleaning Products
    Natural organic products are increasingly in demand by consumers who understand the impact of their choices on
    their health and the environment.
  • 2 Home Organizing and Item Pick Up
    Sometimes we are so busy with our day to day life and things become disorganized, and you don't know where to start. GreenCycle will help you organize and purge your home. All unwanted items will be taken to the most appropriate location for maximum reuse.
  • 2 Implementing Green Practices
    GreenCycle will help you implement green practices in and around your home such as set up of composting,
    rain barrels, or a recycling area.
  • 2 Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
    Call or email today for a free consultation and let Greencycle help today !

Our Goal

GreenCycle is focused on implementing green practices in and around your home and business through recycling, reusing, reducing, composting, rain barrels, and utilizing green cleaning products. Helping people to become more environmentally friendly and aware is my goal. For more info or a free consultation give me a call or fill out our contact form here.
Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.

GreenCycle Services

  • Online Norwex Store
  • Home Organizing
  • Item Pickup
  • Errand Service
  • Implementing Green Practices

Client Testimonials

I have tried many of the Norwex products and am very satisfied with all of them. I love that I barely have to use cleaning products now, just water. I had one particular surface in my house that always has a gritty film on it. I tried all sorts of cleaners, including vinegar (which I normally find to be very successful), but nothing would move it. I purchased the Microfiber Antibac Enviro Cloth, sprayed water on the surface and wiped the gritty film completely off in one go. I would now highly recommend this product to anyone."

- Dee Hatina-Fernie,BC -